Tessa reads books AND ALSO talks about mental health!

Mothership, come in, Mothership! A few weeks ago I decided wanted to turn this blog into something along the lines of : Tessa Reads Books  +  Tessa Goes to Therapy  +  Tessa Talks About Mental Health  +  Tessa Talks About Mental Health  and Going to Therapy Represented in Books + Other random crap like watching  Loki…… Continue reading Tessa reads books AND ALSO talks about mental health!

Meet the Bookstabloggergrammer???

Oh hello, internet. It’s been almost three months since I’ve posted, soooooo……… It’s time. My internal blog-o-clock alarm is going off. I’ve been reading books! Tessa DOES read books! I swear! I’m just a lousy blogger. To show that I don’t just sit around all day, here a few things (in no particular order) I…… Continue reading Meet the Bookstabloggergrammer???

Burnt Sugar and facts about Tessa you probably didn’t want.

TL/DR: An amazing book with minimal sentimentality about trauma, mothers, daughters, and memory. Possibly one of my favorite books ever. In a nutshell: Burnt Sugar is a glimpse into the inner thoughts of Antara, an artist in Pune, India, reckoning with the trauma inflicted upon her by her mother. Meanwhile, her mother (Tara) is beginning…… Continue reading Burnt Sugar and facts about Tessa you probably didn’t want.

Ring Shout

TL/DR READ THIS NOW. READ IT NOW. WHY AREN’T YOU READING THIS BOOK YET? STOP READING THIS POST AND GO GET THE BOOK!  It definitely felt like Ring Shout was all over the little corner of the bookernet that I hang out in, and certainly for good reason! My (……signed (heart eyes)) copy of Ring…… Continue reading Ring Shout

The Thirty Names of Night

TL/DR Don’t be an ass. Beautifully written, lyrical prose, lots of bird symbolism. The style isn’t normally in my wheelhouse, but I’m very glad I read this book. It will stick with me for a long time. The Thirty Names of Night (by Zeyn Joukhadar) was the December Fantastic Strangelings Book Club selection.  (Side note…… Continue reading The Thirty Names of Night

Happy New Year, and a review(ish) of Plain Bad Heroines

TL/DR: New year, same shit show.  First book of the year: Plain Bad Heroines Very very fun read with many excellent queer women characters, but the ending comes out of left field (which I never like) and didn’t give a very satisfactory explanation for…..much of anything. BUT I would still 100% recommend this to anyone…… Continue reading Happy New Year, and a review(ish) of Plain Bad Heroines

Thoughts on The Book of Atlantis Black

What this book is billed as: a punk-rock-true-crime memoir. What this book actually is: an attempt by the author to process her grief after losing her charismatic, mentally ill, drug-addicted, punk-rock sister to overdose and/or suicide and/or the failure of the American criminal justice and public health systems to intervene and provide treatment for an…… Continue reading Thoughts on The Book of Atlantis Black

Buckle in for the ride!

Soooooo, NYT bestselling author of You Never Forget You First (a biography of George Washington), Alexis Coe, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post. A few concerned readers, myself included, took issue with how it was written. The point of her article was that all problematic and offensive statues in this country should come down…… Continue reading Buckle in for the ride!