Guys, I did the work for you.

The April Fantastic Strangelings pick, everyone!

I’m not far into this book yet, but I think it is very reasonable to go ahead and say that Samantha Irby is my spirit animal. Anyone that dedicates a book to Wellbutrin is family. The fact that she and I do not actually know each other, and the fact that we are never meeting in real life (anyone? anyone?), doesn’t change this fact. Sam- you are family. If you’re in town, just let me know- give me like at least ten minutes warning. I will make up the guest room bed and maybe sorta kinda tidy the room up for you. I dunno, it’s that one room everyone has that all the crap gets shoved in to be dealt with “later.”

The chapter on cellphone usage? Dead. Never has a stranger so completely understood me to my core.

Then I got to “late-1900s time capsule.” First of all, if you aren’t spending your pandemic time listening to the music of your youth, WHAT are you even doing.

Here is a sampling of the albums that I have listened to while at work in a 100k sq foot store with two, maybe three, other humans to keep myself entertained and/or crying:

  1. Pieces of You- Jewel
  2. Every album by Fiona Apple, over and over and over
  3. Godsmack- Godsmack (Yes, I went to a Godsmack show. Yes, my shirt had safety pins on it. YES, they were across my boobs. Yes, my wallet had flames and a chain. Yes, I wore a frayed denim skirt. Are you done?)
  4. The Amazon Music playlist titled “100 Greatest ’90s Alternative Songs”
  5. Human Clay- Creed
  6. Tragic Kingdom- No Doubt
  7. The Hamilton original cast recording

I’m not ashamed. Again, I said I would never lie to you.

So I read about half of the chapter before I decided I needed to listen to every song listed while reading her thoughts on them for the full effect. And THEN I was like, “Man, I wonder how many other Fantastic Strangelings out there are thinking the same thing?!”

So here. I did the work for you. You’re welcome.

I’m not planning on providing a whole lot of commentary here, I mean it’s not MY mix tape, but some of them really tugged on the nostalgia heart strings and I won’t be able to resist the temptation to get a few words in.

Whatever, we’re all pals here. Except for me and Sam. Our relationship is deeper than that, she just doesn’t know it.

Unf. The groan. Pure gold.
……..well damn.
Whenever my mom wanted me to know how cool and hip she was, and that she was totally up on the pop culture of the time, she would just say, “Courtney Love. Hole. Celebrity Skin.” She’s still the hippest and the coolest.
Yeah, I’d bone to this. BRB.
I also went to a Dave Matthews show but something tells me that’s not as funny as Godsmack?
“Fucking canon” is right, Sam.
Good lord, Delia’s catalogs. How I loved those things.
Rim shot. LOL.
I will listen to anything Fiona Apple ever. She can put out a fucking children’s album, I don’t care, I will listed to it repeatedly and forever. Guys- if you haven’t already listened to Fetch the Bolt Cutters seven times, get gettin.
One of my best friends in high school LOVED Bjork and I never really got on the train, but I always liked this song. Don’t tell him.

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