The May Pile, Things I Like, and the World is Awful

I’m wrapping up April today, I swear! I have a little bit of Wow, No Thank You to finish before Nowhere Bookshop Presents Samantha Irby (in conversation with Jenny Lawson) via Zoom tonight.

CAN👏. NOT👏. WAIT👏. I have enjoyed this book tremendously, and I think I have made my feelings about Jenny Lawson crystal clear.

Tomorrow I start on this pile:

Not pictured is Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas, which will be coming to me straight from Nowhere Bookshop, and it will take its sweet damn time getting to me, and that is how we like things around here.

Super lucky this month that two of the books are each featured in multiple book clubs, so I got a break this month. So, for ??fun?? I added in the Fantastic Strangelings bonus book (Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix) and Pretty Things by Janelle Brown.

Planning to start with The City We Became (The Nerdette May pick) so I can participate in this gem of an event that popped into my inbox this morning. Gotta say, it was an easy way to make an impossible decision.

I guess I’ll wrap up April soon? She said? Almost 25% through the month of May?

In the mean time, a few things I’ve enjoyed recently:

  1. The first episode of this.
  2. This bra. I am a sucker for a targeted Instagram ad (stress shop much?), but no joke, guys, it does NOT look like I’m wearing a wire-free bra. Busty ladies, rejoice. 🤲
  3. A Parks and Rec special???????
  4. This.

And now, to end on a huge whopper of a bummer, I’m going to go run 2.23 miles because life is fucking terrible. I can’t stand that I live in a world that allows racist assholes to LITERALLY get away with murder for more than two months, and action is only taken after a severely disturbing video is released for the world (including this boy’s family) to see.

Outrageous. Do better, world.

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