Meet the Bookstabloggergrammer???

Oh hello, internet.

It’s been almost three months since I’ve posted, soooooo……… It’s time. My internal blog-o-clock alarm is going off.

I’ve been reading books! Tessa DOES read books! I swear! I’m just a lousy blogger.

To show that I don’t just sit around all day, here a few things (in no particular order) I can be found doing while I’m aggressively not updating this blog:

  • Raising a 4 year old kiddo, my very favorite person in the world (Even when I want to stick my fingers in his ears to demonstrate that he does, indeed, have two of them and they do, in fact, work just fine.)
I’m sure he’s not listening here.
  • Full-time studenting towards an MBA (and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing because I am a masochist)
  • Full-time working as a Store Manager of a retail operation
  • Occasionally hanging out and watching a Marvel movie (in our matching Avenger undies) with my crazily hot husband (Just don’t ask me to choose between him and Bucky Barnes.)
Seriously. Don’t make me choose.
  • Loving my other family members up close and from afar (especially now that we’re all vaccinated! Speaking of….)
  • GETTING VACCINATED (All of the vaccines. Give them all to me. Implant your microchips, U.S. Government, you can’t possibly do anything worse than what my iPhone and Instagram already do. I glanced at a bug yesterday and my RokuTV started advertising pest control to me in less than 20 minutes.)
  • Snuggling with a giant 100 lb dog with Ass Cancer (It felt correct to capitalize there.)
Uggggh his face!! His leg was shaved for his Ass Cancer surgery IV. Yes, those are books in the background.
  • Eating food
  • Going to therapy (more on this soon)
  • Requesting more books on NetGalley than would even be possible to read in a year (or two)(Feedback ratio be damned!)
  • Working out sporadically over Zoom with badass trainer lady Jenna
  • Using too many parentheses

So why am I so bad at posting?

Okay, first of all. Time spent blogging and bookstagramming is time that could also be spent reading books.

But here is my other theory:

I don’t exactly know what I want this blog to be. I wayyyy overthink what a post should look like and contain.

Do I need to post about every book I read? Should I post monthly recaps? What if I miss a month or three? Do I have to be consistent? Should there be a schedule? Can I talk about things that aren’t books? Can I talk about non-bookish things I like? Can I post about books I read with my kid? Can I talk about mental health, something that has become central to my life lately? Do the pictures have to be stunning? Do I always have to have pictures?

You know. Regina George Brain. Is blogging a carb?

This all leads, of course, to my decision that this blog doesn’t have to BE anything.

For starters, the number of people who read anything I post could easily be counted by my 4 year old. I say he could do it easily, but he’d have to pay attention and listen to me first. I may have to start speaking to him from behind a mask of the face of the kid from Ryan’s World, which is a YouTube series I strongly advise you do not allow your children to discover. You have been warned.

But even if I had thousands of readers- I’m the only one who can define what my blog is about. I did decide to call this blog Tessa Reads Books. But!

I also collect them and put them on shelves and might not ever read all of them. Occasionally I decide to take them all off of their shelves and reorganize them. I’ve done it alphabetically by author, sorted by publisher and then alphabetically by author, no rhyme or reason whatsoever, by color……..etc. Most of the time this happens well past 22:00 and my husband comes downstairs and……… does nothing. He’s used to me.

I also read magazines about books, blurbs about books, blogs about books, reviews of books, Instagram posts about books, and books about books!

What I didn’t do is call the blog “Tessa Reads Books and Cannot Talk About Anything Except the Books that She Reads or People Will Hate Her and Think She’s Stupid.” Which isn’t precisely what I thought to myself any time I felt guilty for not posting more often, but it’s close enough. Self-talk be crazzzzy.

So I’ll post more. About whatever the heck I want to. I hope you enjoy it!

(I was going to include a list of books I’ve read since my last post with quick takes, but then I checked on Goodreads (speaking of Goodreads, are we friends?) and I’ve read 24 books since then and I am 97% sure no one wants to read 24 quick takes in one post. I won’t do that to you, but I WILL throw in a lovely grid of all of the covers of those books now and maybe post some thoughts later in smaller chunks. We’ll see!)

Some of these were excellent!

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