In case you want more?


Welcome. Everything is fine.

(It’s not. The world is a garbage fire.)

But right here it’s fine! You’re in a safe place.

My name is Lorraine.

(It’s not.)

(If you’ve gotten here without guessing my name, I think you’re lost. Here- try this. Hope it helps.)

I’m Lorraine (sticking with it) and I like to read things. I like to read things so much I thought I might also like to write about things, so I’m giving it a shot!

I am married to a man who is 50% nerd, 30% dad-joke generator, 10% tinkerer, 5% smiter of bugs, 90% stud muffin, 15% the only person who keeps this family sane, 145% the person who intuits when I’m taking my makeup off and pounces on the opportunity to take up all of the space in the bathroom, and 100% amazing dad. Guys, you’d have to know him to understand that the math checks out.

I feel like I should say something like, “Look at us making those faces LOLsies!” but really this is just what we look like.

With aforementioned husband, I have created a small human. His name is Cole and he’s four. If you care to try, you will find yourself unable to convince me that he is not the most incredible creature to walk the planet. I imagine I will also not be able to dissuade you of the notion that your progeny is not just as (if not more) incredible. Respect. You’re wrong, though.

I made that. The pillowcase, too! #DT

We also love and care for what can only be described as the most neurotic dog to ever walk the planet (this is actually true- to date dog scientists have not been able to locate a crazier dog.) His name is Bodhi. He is currently battling ass cancer, and doing a great job of it. He had surgery to remove a mass and now, 9 years later, we can hear his farts! You have to look for the silver linings, people!


What else?

I live in Virginia- right outside of Richmond in a place called Midlothian. I grew up in Portsmouth, VA, and have lived all over Tidewater- moved up here for work and fell in love with the area.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geology.

I work. I am a manager of a retail establishment. I’ve been working for them for almost 11 years. My job is not without its quirks, but I get to work with a pretty stellar group of humans.

I am currently studying up to earn an MBA.

Sometimes I bake things. I collect cookbooks and read them pretty much cover to cover but rarely cook anything out of them. One exception is Chrissy Tiegen’s banana bread. If you haven’t tried it yet, go get yourselves some bananas and a box of Jello Instant Vanilla pudding.

I fiercely love my family- all of them. Biological and chosen.

I am a liberal and a feminist and won’t even slightly try to hide it.

I like wine. And coffee.

And finally, I like to talk about mental health. I am working on mine! Brains are fascinating and bonkers, and mental illness is just one thing on the long list of “Things We Need To Talk About More In Order To Remove Unfair and Harmful Stigmas”. I have no problem over-sharing. Join me in the conversation!