Ring Shout

TL/DR READ THIS NOW. READ IT NOW. WHY AREN’T YOU READING THIS BOOK YET? STOP READING THIS POST AND GO GET THE BOOK!  It definitely felt like Ring Shout was all over the little corner of the bookernet that I hang out in, and certainly for good reason! My (……signed (heart eyes)) copy of Ring…… Continue reading Ring Shout

The Thirty Names of Night

TL/DR Don’t be an ass. Beautifully written, lyrical prose, lots of bird symbolism. The style isn’t normally in my wheelhouse, but I’m very glad I read this book. It will stick with me for a long time. The Thirty Names of Night (by Zeyn Joukhadar) was the December Fantastic Strangelings Book Club selection.  (Side note…… Continue reading The Thirty Names of Night

Happy New Year, and a review(ish) of Plain Bad Heroines

TL/DR: New year, same shit show.  First book of the year: Plain Bad Heroines Very very fun read with many excellent queer women characters, but the ending comes out of left field (which I never like) and didn’t give a very satisfactory explanation for…..much of anything. BUT I would still 100% recommend this to anyone…… Continue reading Happy New Year, and a review(ish) of Plain Bad Heroines