These are a few

…….. of my favorite things, of course!


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things- Bryn Greenwood

Black Sun- Rebecca Roanhouse

Burnt Sugar- Avni Doshi

Circe- Madeline Miller

The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

Hyperbole and a Half- Allie Brosh

Long Bright River- Liz Moore

Moloka’i- Alan Brennert

Ring Shout- P. Djeli Clark

What Doesn’t Kill You- Tessa Miller

Movies and TV:

I will always be honest with you. I just watch Friends in all its problematic glory over and over and over and over and over…..

And I keep up with Grey’s Anatomy, and I will until the very end. But really, we all should have stopped watching after the musical episode.


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The Bloggess

I’m not even sure how to begin explaining how much I love Jenny Lawson and why, and whether or not it’s reasonable. I’m pretty sure she’s fine with it. I’m considering applying to be her Resident Nowhere Bookshop Cat.